Wisconsin Country Family Session

A little over a year ago, I attended a Blessed Is She Brunch.  Joe and I had been living in Madison for about 6 months, and we had not met many people yet, so we were really wanting to make some new local friends.  At the brunch, one of the women asked me if I had been out to St. Peter’s.  She told me it’s too far from where she lives to go often, but her family likes to go every once in a while simply because the church is so beautiful.  She highly recommended that I go, even once, just to see the church.

It turns out, St. Peter’s is not too far from where Joe and I live, so a few weeks later on Mother’s Day, we finally attended Sunday Mass there!  I was immediately blown away.  Driving up, it’s the perfect little country scene: a gorgeous church steeple greeting you at the top of a country road.  And the church is just as beautiful on the inside, with its traditional artwork, ornate altar, and beautiful stained glass depicting the saints.  During Mass, I noticed a cute family sitting towards the front.  They had two sweet little girls and a baby on the way.  After Mass, their family walked over to the statue of Mary to say a prayer together in honor of Mother’s Day.  I leaned over to Joe and told him, “I want to be friends with that family!”  A minute or so later, I saw the mom walking towards us.  She asked, “Are you guys new?” and introduced her family to us.  I was so excited that we actually got to meet!

Grace has since told me that it was 100% the Holy Spirit that prompted her to come over and talk to us.  She says that as soon as she started to ask, “Are you guys new?” she was sure that we must be members of one of the long-time parishioner families and that she probably offended us by asking, and she was so embarrassed.  I find that HILARIOUS since we were definitely new and SO excited that she was actually talking to us!!  As we made our way out of the church, two other families introduced themselves to us, and we also got to chat with the priest for a while.  We felt SO welcomed and immediately knew that St. Peter’s would be our parish.  We love it there!

In the year since we met Tyler and Grace, they have become some of our closest friends.  They have supported us in our new role as parents, they have encouraged me as I began my photography business, and most importantly, they inspire us to be courageous in our faith journey.  During our Baptism Prep class (which they teach for St. Peter’s), Tyler said something that really struck me.  He was offering encouragement for being deeply rooted in a strong prayer life, and said, “God wants us to be saints.  Not just making-it-in-by-the-skin-of-our-teeth saints, but crashing-through-the-gates-of-heaven, canonizable SAINTS!  And I think it’s possible!”  That resonated with me so deeply, and it has truly impacted my day-to-day life.  Tyler’s quote is just one example of what great role models these two are to us as friends!

I was so honored to photograph their family and capture the joy and love they have for each other!

Grace and Tyler, we are SO grateful for your friendship, and I am so excited to watch our girls grow up together.  🙂  We love you guys!!

  1. Sharon says:

    What a beautiful story of the Holy Spirit at work in your lives and the lives of Grace and Tyler! The Lord has great plans for you!

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