Summer Family Session in Madison

Laura and Andrew and their boys were one of the first families we met at St. Peter’s after our very first Sunday Mass there!  When we first met last year, Laura was pregnant with Matthias.  Now Matthias is nine months old!  And he is SUCH a cutie!!  Laura told me that the last time they had family photos taken, Augie was nine months old.  How fun that at this family session, their NEXT boy is nine months old!?

One of the things I love about Laura is her enthusiasm about baby names.  (I also think baby names are so fun!)  One night when we were waiting for Evelyn to be born, I went over to hang out with her while our husbands did some car work.  We spent lots of time talking about baby name ideas!  Each of their boys are named after a family member and one of Christ’s apostles: Jude Thaddeus, Augustine (Augie) Thomas, and Matthias Victor!  I love how their names have such special meaning!!

Throughout the session, the sun popped in and out from behind the clouds, and when it was shining, it was HOT!  Despite the heat, the boys were all pros in front of the camera!  They took turns being the “star” of the photos 🙂 and rocked it!  Jude and Augie even showed off some skills like standing on one leg for the camera.  I was impressed!  By the end of the session, Jude popped into a few shots of just mom and dad, and they turned out to be super adorable!

I had so much fun with Laura, Andrew, and their boys, and it was an honor to photograph their family!

  1. Sharon Salter says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

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