Shannon and Keith | A Summer Engagement Session at Pope Farms Conservancy

Look at these two.  Aren’t they the sweetest??  Shannon and Keith met in high school.  Shannon’s first memory of Keith is from freshman year: she was getting onto a bus for soccer practice.  Her friend had to run back into the school for something, so Shannon was carrying her own backpack, her soccer bag, her friend’s backpack, and her friend’s soccer bag.  She was attempting to carry that all onto the bus when Keith asked her, “Do you need any help?”  Shannon replied, “No, I’ve got it, thanks.”  She was impressed by how nice it was of him to offer, but Keith doesn’t actually remember that encounter!  They later became friends in their sophomore year, and then started dating more seriously in their senior year!

Shannon then moved to La Crosse for college while Keith stayed in Madison.  Shannon started working in La Crosse after graduating, so they have been dating long-distance all these years until very recently!  Shannon just moved back to Madison, so the two of them get to enjoy living in the same city again!!  And in just a few months, they will be MARRIED!

I absolutely love spending time with these two.  They are both SO joyful and kind that you cannot help but smile being around them.  We had so much fun at their engagement session!  Shannon grew up near Pope Farms Conservancy, so she has many memories of spending time there with her friends throughout high school.  I think it’s wonderful when we are able to take photos at locations that have so much personal significance!

Shannon and Keith, you two truly inspire me by your faith, joy, and love for one another!  I am so honored to be your photographer, and I am so excited for your wedding in just a few months!!  God bless you two!

Love and prayers,



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