Lindsey and Alex | A Summer Engagement Session at Picnic Point and the Union Terrace

They were sitting in their physics class at the beginning of the semester.  The instructor was splitting the class into groups by calling out his interests and hobbies, and the students were supposed to raise their hand if he called one they too enjoyed.  They were very specific, and slightly obscure interests and hobbies… so Lindsey and Alex ended up being some of the last students to raise their hands.  Eventually, the instructor named “Backpacking.”  Lindsey hadn’t actually been backpacking, but she figured she would enjoy it if she did!  So she raised her hand, and Alex ended up raising his hand shortly after.  They ended up in the same group, which I would say worked out quite well for them.  😉  And here they are now, ENGAGED and preparing to enter the sacrament of marriage in just over a year!

These two are seriously on fire for Christ.  I loved hearing their stories about how they each came to really embrace their faith and how they are so grateful for the amazing community at St. Paul’s.  It brings my heart so much joy to see two people who truly desire to lead each other closer to the Lord!

On top of their incredible faith, Lindsey and Alex are so joyful, kind, and fun!!  I had so much fun with them exploring many of the paths around Picnic Point!  We also spent time on campus and WOW we got some amazing shots!!  Alex loves to sail, so it made perfect sense to get some photos on the docks at the Terrace.  We even caught a few of the sailboats in the background!  It was perfect!!  At the end of the session, we went inside St. Paul’s so we could capture one of the things they love most — spending time together in prayer.  I was so happy to be able to document such a significant part of their life and relationship in that way.

Lindsey and Alex, I had such a great time with you guys!  I hope you love your images as much as I do!!

  1. Erin Hepp says:

    Beautiful couple 🙂

  2. Mary May Efinger says:

    So beautiful! ❤

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