Glennie and Alex | Fall Engagement Session at Vilas Neighborhood and Henry Vilas Park

These two both graduated from UW Madison, but that’s not where they met. In fact, they didn’t even meet here in the United States…

Back in 2016, Glennie and Alex both went on a medical mission trip to El Salvador. Glennie was getting ready to move to New York after the trip, so when Alex asked her out, she turned him down. But God knew what He was doing, and meant for them to be led back to each other…

Two years later, they went on a date just a few weeks before they were both to return to El Salvador for the same mission trip. This time, things worked out. 😉 Glennie and Alex continued to date for the year following that second mission trip, and now they are ENGAGED and planning their summer 2020 wedding!

These two are SO on fire for the Lord. Their enthusiasm for Christ is truly infectious! Oh, and did I mention they have both applied to medical school?? (How impressive!!) It is so inspiring to see two people who are so eager to serve the Lord, each other, and also serve others through the world of medicine.

Glennie and Alex, you guys are seriously awesome! It has been such a joy getting to know you both, and I cannot wait to witness as the two of you are united in the sacrament of marriage. God bless!

  1. Sharon says:

    Beautiful photos and a beautiful couple!

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