Extended Family Session at Plymouth Township Park

This family is so wonderful! I’ve known them since I was very little. Lauren and I were in gymnastics (is that right??) together when we were about 5 or 6 years old. I told her at the session that I remember going to her house often and playing a computer game where we could design and print stickers or paper doll clothes or something like that. =) Fast forward to many years later to when Joe and I were engaged and in the marriage prep program. Geoff and Kristin were assigned to be our mentor couple through our parish. Meeting with them was one of the most fruitful parts of our marriage prep journey, and we have turned to them for advice even since our wedding!

I got to take their family photos two years ago during a visit to Michigan (see those here!) and we had so much fun together! Unfortunately, Luke and Lauren and her now-husband, Kris, were not able to make it to that session. Since then, Lauren and Kris have gotten married AND had their baby girl, Olivia, who is now a big one-year-old! (And SUCH a cutie!!) Kristin had reached out asking me to let her know the next time I’d be visiting Michigan so they could get everyone together for another set of photos. And we finally got to do that!

Thank you so much for meeting up with me for your family photos! I had such a great time seeing all of you again, and I hope you love your photos! God bless!

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