Denise and Geoffrey | A Dusty Blue and Coral Wedding at St. Paul Catholic Church

I love the story of how the Holy Spirit brought together Denise and Geoffrey. Denise’s father shared during his toast that at a time when Denise needed to decide if she would be following her boss and work group to Madison, he (her dad) happened to be driving through Madison for work. He calls himself a “radioactive Catholic,” meaning he likes to browse through local radio stations when he is traveling to find Catholic radio. 😉 He happened to find the Badger Catholic station, and was deeply impressed. He thought to himself that not only did he hope Denise would choose to go to Madison, but he knew she would find her husband there. Sure enough, Denise did decide to come to Madison. She met Geoffrey, and here they are today. Her dad was right.

Geoffrey summed up the day so well when he shared with their guests the meaning of the Hebrew word, “beriyth” meaning “covenant.” He explained that this covenant is the extension of kinship by a vow. What was not family before is now family. He explained that by their vow to each other and to God, they have made what was not family before, family.

Denise and Geoffrey were blessed with the most beautiful wedding day! The weather was gorgeous, the ceremony was beautiful, and all of their friends and family were filled with so much joy! These two have had many curveballs thrown at them with their wedding plans, especially in the last few weeks leading up to their day. But they both took all those challenges with SO much grace and gratitude. Through it all, they were focused on the joy of entering the sacrament of marriage. And they made the best of the circumstances!

Denise and Geoffery, it has been such an honor to get to know both of you and to serve you over the last year! You two have the most beautiful faith, and I am so excited for you both to be witnesses to the world of Christ’s love by your life and marriage. Congratulations!!!

  1. Kellie M OBrien says:

    Congrats Geoffrey and Denise! These weddings are a great reflection of the beauty of your marriage! Absolutely stunning! I couldn’t be happier for the two of you!

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